At Aitken College education is about providing opportunities and experiences for young people. There is a commitment to academic excellence and striving to achieve your personal best. Creativity is seen as an integral part of using knowledge. However, knowledge without a belief system is worthless and we encourage young people to engage in the exploration of self, community and global responsibility.

Our College motto In Mind and Spirit reflects the nurturing of educational and spiritual growth. Values such as honesty and integrity, acceptance and respect for self are seen as important. These can be supported through establishing positive relationships between all members of our community.

Our unique site is welcoming and provides opportunities for students to learn about sustainability and care for their environment. Our contemporary curriculum provides opportunities for students to focus on their learning and teachers on their teaching.

The choice of a school for your child is an important one. I warmly invite you to visit our school so that you may discover the value of an Aitken education. The best way to gain an impression is to meet the students and staff and participate in the community activities that are offered.

Josie Crisara