The vision of Aitken College is to develop and support a learning community of students, staff and their families in a faith partnership with the Uniting Church in Australia.


Building on a foundation of Christian values, the mission of Aitken College is to enable students to become informed and compassionate members of the wider community by inspiring academic achievement and creativity, nurturing self worth, encouraging environmental responsibility and committing to service with and for others..


Aitken College will aim to:

  1. Make the Christian faith relevant through an understanding of its major teachings and by encouraging a personal faith journey
  2. Inspire and challenge students to realise their intellectual potential and equip them for lifelong learning.
  3. Promote and develop creativity and self expression.
  4. Enable each student to realise their self worth in a safe, healthy and happy environment that responds to personal and community needs
  5. Encourage individuals and the community to take responsibility for the environment and to act accordingly.
  6. Instil in students a sense of service and concern for the needs of others.