An anonymous and confidential ‘School Safety Survey’ of all students, in all year levels, was administered in 2008 in an attempt to identify the nature and extent of bullying.

In the evaluation of the audit, the Student Wellbeing Core Team and the position of Student Wellbeing Coordinator was established. The focus of the team is to develop initiatives that promote the well being of students and staff in a real and meaningful way.

The work undertaken will be practical and skill-based and the Core Team will continue to work closely with the MindMatters team.



The Core Team has divided into eight smaller sub-groups targeting an area of need. They include:

  •  Restorative Practices
  • Cybersafety
  • Mental Health Week Special Events
  • Listening Seminars
  • Wellbeing Information on College’s Homepage
  • Wellbeing Resource Centre and Staff Professional Development
  • Role play and performances (School Visits)
  • Lifeskills Program

Key Principles

  1. Student Wellbeing is a whole-school approach. Every individual has an important role to play; leading by example and being actively involved.
  2. The Wellbeing project focuses on building positive two-way partnerships that benefit all members of the College community – all staff, students and parents.
  3. The Core Team is dedicated to developing practical and skill-based initiatives; including real and meaningful strategies to improve relationships. The team is committed to change for the better.
  4. All members of the College community are welcome to participate and contribute to the initiatives.