Aitken College provides learning experiences for each student which are consistent with a commitment to a comprehensive curriculum. The College recognises the high expectations that society has of schools and that these expectations will only be met by a learning program which provides for the full development of each student.

Learning is selected and organised so that what is learned has meaning to students at their own level of development. Learning occurs in many different ways and a variety of learning and teaching approaches is being used at all levels within a caring and well-coordinated school environment. Continuity in the educational growth of students from Foundation to Year 12 ensures that new learning builds on an appropriate foundation of prior learning and experiences.

Aitken College provides a high quality education which:

  1. ensures students gain a broad general education,
  2. gives students a framework for moral and ethical decision-making, based on Christian values,
  3. encourages students to develop an understanding of their world, control their own affairs and participate in the management of their society,
  4. develops the practice of constructive, reflective and critical thinking on issues raised in the school curriculum,
  5. enables its students to work co-operatively and in teams,
  6. engages students in learning which integrates theoretical understandings with practical activities,
  7. creates learning situations which students find both demanding and satisfying and in which they have continuing opportunities for success, and
  8. helps students to grow in confidence and to develop strong feelings of self-worth so that they become responsible for their own life-long learning.

Aitken College is committed to providing challenging and relevant learning activities for its students. These include inquiry processes, which provide a framework for students to be actively involved in learning as they ask questions and seek answers help to shape activities and programs at all levels. “Hands-on” activities are seen as important stimuli for the inquiry process.

The College encourages students to extend their learning experiences by providing open-ended activities and, when necessary appropriate extension material. Students are encouraged to achieve at their highest possible level and to move beyond the constraints imposed by the year level structure.

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