Students have the opportunity to study Product Design and Computer-Aided Design electives from years 8-10, leading to Product Design and Technology at the VCE level.

Product Design develops a student’s ability for innovative and creative thought through the planning and production of design projects related to real-life needs and situations. Students are introduced to the stages of product design process and develop an appreciation of the impact of technology on the individual, society and the environment through the study of current and emerging technologies, including computer aided design (CAD). They will contribute to design briefs, conduct end-user specific research and critically analyse existing designs as well as evaluate their own finished products. Students will learn how to work safely in the workshop using a range of power and hand tools and a variety of resistant materials. Students will also have the opportunity to develop digital prototypes of their designs and have these realised through 3D printing, using the school’s Makerbot 3D printers.