Aitken College Wetlands

Aitken College Wetlands

After weeds were removed and erosion controls put in place.

Photo taken on Feb 4 2009.

Wetlands after revegetation and rain.

The wetlands are now used by classes throughout the school. Please feel free to take a walk around them and see some of the amazing wildlife we are attracting back to Brodies Creek.

Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs has found a secure place in Aitken College’s curriculum. Aside from the many co-curricular opportunities students have to get involved with environmental programs and sustainability, Aitken also offers a variety of curriculum options to encourage life-long learning and responsibility for the environment. These curriculum programs include:

• Year 3 & 4 Stephanie Alexandra Kitchen-Garden program

• Year 10 Outdoor Environmental Science

Students complete a semester of hands-on and theoretical work. They develop a scientific understanding of different types of outdoor environments; bush, aquatic, alpine & rock. They learn about developing relationships with outdoor environments through direct experience. Mountain biking, white water rafting, rock climbing and bush navigation are examples of practical activities which students may undertake.

• Year 10-12 Agriculture – VET Certificate I & II

• Year VCE Environmental Science –

This course focuses on the environment and its components. The function of ecosystems and the interactions between ecological components are investigated. Students also study the effects of natural and human-induced changes in ecosystems. The relationship between energy and the enhanced greenhouse effect is analysed, as well as their effects on Biodiversity. Students finish the course learning about pollution and applied environmental science.

Ms Cristy Herron

Head of Environmental Programs