Students are encouraged to develop a healthy, active lifestyle. The theory and practical work are integrated according to the current levels of AUSVELS emphasising the connection between exercise and good health. Starting with mainly non-competitive activities (including ball games, skill development activities and a compulsory swimming and water safety component), students have the opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of team and individual sports.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) is an integral part of the physical education program for Foundation to Year 2. The program aims to actively involve all children. These structured rotational activities improve co-ordination, enhance visual and auditory skills, provide children with the opportunity to feel success and promote their self-confidence.

The Health & Physical Education program is complemented by sporting and recreational activities such as swimming and athletics sports days and the Aitken College cross-country run. VCE Physical Education, Health and Human Development & VET Sport & Recreation are offered at Year 11 and 12 level.

A health program operates from Foundation – Year 12.The curriculum addresses issues for students at age-appropriate levels such as environmental effects on health, drug education, identity, nutrition, personal hygiene, sex education and harm minimization. The courses involve interactive activities, guest speakers, information and communication technologies.