The study of Humanities at Aitken helps students to understand the modern world. In History, students learn to empathise with people from the past, learning from their experiences to both understand the modern world and how it came to be. In Geography, an understanding of the physical environment we live in and its implications for human life help students to be better custodians of the planet.

Humanities students will delve into the practical and the philosophical aspects of many topics. Students develop problem solving skills, research capabilities and communication expertise. They also have the opportunity to work both individually and in teams and are able to integrate knowledge to comprehend global issues.

Students from Years 7-10 spend one semester per year learning about History. In Years 7 to 10 they look into the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, the pre-modern era and modern history.

Students spend one semester in Years 6-10 studying physical and human Geography. Topics cover a broad range including diverse subjects such as rainforests, sustainability, urbanisation, climate change and liveability.

In VCE, students have the opportunity to delve deeper into History and Sociology.