Library Staff
  • Mrs. M. Kerr – Head of Library
  • Ms A Meszaros- Primary Teacher Librarian
  • Ms L. Capraro – Teacher Librarian
  • Mrs J. Motti – Teacher Librarian
  • Mrs. C. Pennington – Library Support and Services Co-ordinator
  • Ms S. Caceres – Library Technician
Hours of Operation

The Aitken College Library is open each day during school hours. Students are also able to use the library before school, at lunchtimes and after school. The library is closed at recess.

  Morning Lunch After School
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:05am – 8:25am 1:35pm – 2:05pm 3:10 – 4:00  (VCE – 4:30pm)
Tuesday and Thursday 8:05am – 8:40am 1:35pm – 2:05pm 3:10 – 4:00 (VCE – 4.30 pm)


On occasion the library is closed after school due to scheduled staff meetings.

Borrowing Rights

Students are required to produce their I.D card when borrowing. The number of resources available to students and the loan period varies according to Year level as indicated below.

Year Level Number of Items Loan Period
Foundation – Year 2 1 item 1 week
Year 3 – 5 2 items 1 week
Year 6 – 9 4 items 2 weeks
Year 10 – 12 5 items 2 weeks


Students may re-borrow items (provided the item has not been reserved by another borrower) by bringing them to the circulation desk before the due date. A staff member will process the item for renewal. Students may also reserve items which are currently on loan at the circulation desk. Once the reserved item is returned to the library, notification will be sent to the student and items are held for one week before being returned to the shelves.

Due to high demand of some resources during assessment periods, students will be restricted to using those items in the library.

Student with lost or overdue resources will have their borrowing rights suspended until the item is paid for or returned.

Photocopying and Printing

The library has one colour photocopier which also serves as a printer. Use of the photocopier requires the student ID card. Photocopies are charged at .10 per A4 copy and .20 per A3 copy.

Lost student ID cards should be reported to the head of school.


The library has a computer room for class use and a bank of 8 computers for individual research. All computers on the student network have access to the online resources of the library.