F – 5 Library Program

Each class has been timetabled for one hour in the library each week. This time is spent on:

  • Literature Enrichment
  • Library Skills
  • Information Literacy

The Literature Enrichment component aims to encourage the love of reading and books for recreational use. It exposes students to a wide range of genre, authors and illustrators with an emphasis on Australian children’s literature.

The Library Skills and Information Literacy components focus on giving students strategies to formulate effective search processes to locate resources and undertake assessment tasks.

Reading Programs

Wide reading programs are an integral part of the Library and English program. The programs aim to

  • promote positive attitudes to reading by providing an environment where children will want to read.
  • encourage the sharing of responses to texts wherever possible and engage students in reading conferences where they systematically discuss works of literature so that understanding can be deepened and responses enriched.
  • extend students’s experiences in reading by providing a variety of printed and multimedia material using a w ide range of fiction and some non-fiction.
Reading Programs run at Years 5 to VCAL. Students are given a thematic list of books from which to select their reading material. The Reading Program is a component of the English assessment. Students are required to read a specific number of books according to their year level. Reading lists are distributed by the library and a reading log must be kept by students.