Aitken College believes in a balanced education with co-curricular activity being integral to a young person’s development. Creativity is innate in all children and it is our responsibility to offer the opportunities develop this in all its forms.

The Performing Arts at Aitken College offers rich and diverse curricula, with many opportunities for students to explore a broad range of creative and performance experiences. All students are encouraged to take to the stage at some point each year and share their talents and skills in drama, music, public speaking, dance or media.

Aitken College places specific curricular and co-curricular emphasis on the creative use of technologies across the Performing Arts.

Studies in Music, Drama, and Media are offered, including a progressive “Cross-Arts” program from Prep to Year Two before dedicated Drama and Music classes commence from Year Three. Media and Music Technology are added from the lower secondary school and students are able to continue through into VCE Courses in Theatre Studies and Media as well as VET Courses in Music Performance and Music Technical Production.

The extra-curricular life of Aitken College is vibrant and active and you are guaranteed to find all kinds of groups practicing and rehearsing before school, during the day, after school and sometimes on the weekends!

The emphasis here is not only on creativity, but also skill development, teamwork, social interaction and most importantly, fun! Students, staff and parents are encouraged to create and perform, and there is a well-established culture celebrating creativity.

Students who study Performing Arts through to senior level are well placed to go on to contribute their vision, abilities and creative energies not only to arts initiatives but also to industry, as companies seek creative solutions to ensure their place in a competitive world.