Sport has become a most important aspect of the College’s life. The sporting program at Aitken College offers all students the chance to participate in a wide variety of sports. The program not only caters for the elite but leads all students forward in developing their skills.

Our students are trained and well prepared for any competition that they enter. Students in Year 6 participate in Sport once a week. Years 7-12 participate in School Sports Victoria (SSV) which are held on certain days of the year. Students have the opportunity to progress to State Finals and potentially become State champions.

Aitken College participate in the following SSV Sports: football, netball, hockey,soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball softball,volleyball, badminton, table tennis,  swimming, Athletics and Cross Country. Specialised teams also have the opportunity to compete such as cheer leading & equestrian. More information on SSV sports can be found on their website.

Internally the College sporting program is based around a strong House competition. This includes the College’s major carnivals of athletics, swimming, cross-country and orienteering. There is a lunch time sport competition which changes each term, allowing students the opportunity for a structured sports program during their lunch break. In addition, a new program of sports afternoons has been introduced at Years 7-9.

Sport within the College is in a very strong position. New facilities include a new and improved gymnasium, soccer pitch and new multi-sports fields & a complete state of the art weights room. With this type of backing the College sporting program can only move forward. We welcome your children into our sporting program.