All students study Visual Arts until Year 7 after which time they can choose Visual Arts as an elective. Visual Communication and Design is offered as an elective from Year 8 through to Year 12.There are no prerequisites to study Art or VCD at Year 12, although it is highly recommended that students have studied these subjects at Year 11. Digital Photography is offered as an elective at Year 10.

Students are encouraged to produce artworks using a wide variety of media and sources of inspiration. In the early years, the Visual Arts program allows children to develop their creativity and to explore new processes using a variety of media to make two dimensional and three dimensional artwork and to try out new skills.

Later, students are able to develop their skills and produce work in a wide range of different media, including sculpture, mixed media and computer generated imagery. In the senior years students learn to discuss, analyse and write about art to develop an understanding of past and contemporary art styles and culture. The curriculum is based on the CSF and VELS.

Students are encouraged to experience art first hand. Excursions to the Melbourne museum and various art galleries are organised each year for students studying Art from Year 9 to Year 12. An Artist in Residence program provides students with an opportunity to learn about art on a different level. Sculptural works have been designed and constructed for the school environment. On other occasions artists have worked with classes to produce individual works on paper. Or groups have attended special activities such as the artist program at the aquarium for primary children.

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At the end of the year an Art exhibition of student work is held at the school. Art work from the Primary and Secondary school is displayed during a week long celebration called ‘The Festival of the Arts’. Student artwork can be found on display throughout the college during the year. The Visual Arts staff encourage students to take part in exhibitions and competitions of interest and to participate and support art related activities across the whole school curriculum.