Congratulations to our Year 12 Class of 2017

 The College would like to congratulate all of our VCE and VCAL students on their results for 2017. We are extremely proud to share an overview of our VCE results with the College community. In another year of success and academic achievement, 115 students successfully completed their VCE this year and  12 students completed a VCAL certificate.

In particular, congratulations to our 2017 College Dux, Brian Chan.  Brian achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.75. He studied English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and University Mathematics. During his time at the College Brian also achieved College Academic Colours as well as a Brookhill Service Colours demonstrating support for his peers.  A wonderful achievement.

The following students who gave permission to publish their results also achieved ATARs above 90:

Joshua Pereira 98.7

Aneesh Verma  97.7

Liam Mordaunt  94.65

Nethmini Walliwala Gamage 92.35.

The median ATAR was 60. With 16% of students achieving ATARs over 80 and 30% of students achieving ATARs over 70.   There were 36 study scores greater than 40, placing students in the top 9% of students in the state,  with two students achieving perfect study scores of 50.  Studies where students achieved scores of 40 or greater were in Further Maths, VET Music Performance, Physics, English, Product Design, Visual Communication and Design, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods.  LOTE Indonesian, Legal Studies, Computing, Health and Human Development, VET Sport and Recreation, Physical Education, Business Management and Media.     These study score results show the importance of students given the opportunity to follow their interests and celebrates a culture of high expectation in a large range of subjects.

We proudly celebrate the success of all our students who have given their best effort during their time at the College and thank the students, their families and teaching staff for their hard work.  Success is a measure of the work ethic and contributions made. The College Careers Counsellors will now be supporting students as they finalise their tertiary choices, seek apprenticeships, seek employment or take a gap year.  

We look forward to hearing about the adventures of students from the ‘Class of 2017’ as they transition to new and exciting opportunities. Alumni events in the form of a one, five, ten and 20 year reunion will be scheduled in due course and we will welcome Class of 2017 members back to the College to gather, share stories, reminisce and reconnect.

Josie Crisara, Principal