Fairview (Prep - Year 2)

Welcome to Fairview, Aitken College’s Foundation School which caters for students from Prep to Year 2.

“Learning is a journey for the travellers!”

The Preparatory School comprises of students from Prep to Year 2; a very exciting setting for young learners. It provides the opportunity for individual exploration and guided learning. These foundation years are crucial; they ensure that the children utilise the appropriate strategies to develop skills in Literacy, Numeracy, Integrated Studies and Thinking Skills. The teachers in the Preparatory School support and encourage the children and provide many opportunities for their curiosity to be stimulated.

The curriculum focuses on the children’s educational and individual needs, respecting their differences. Learning experiences occur in the classroom, on the school grounds, and during excursions. The students also learn from each other; they share their cultural and personal experiences. Their interaction within the College focuses not only on learning experiences, but also on their active role as a valued community member. The community spirit is an essential component of our pastoral approach to learning experiences and social interaction. The students are supported and challenged in all aspects of their educational, social and emotional needs. An integral component of our program is promoting and supporting independence and resiliency. We work with families to assist all aspects of a child’s developmental needs.

We perceive the parent’s role as a partnership with the College, working towards meeting the child’s set goals. Parents develop this partnership through their work in the classroom and most importantly at home. The Preparatory School respects and appreciates the assistance that parents contribute to the classroom and the valued impact it has on the children.

The College endeavours to ensure that there is open and effective communication between staff, students and parents and values the involvement of families in the College community.

The Learning areas are English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies (including Design and Technology, Science, Humanities and Social Science, The Arts, Health and Physical Education), Digital Technolgies, Performing Arts, Library, Visual Arts, Perceptual Motor Program, Physical Education/Health and Religion and Values Education.

An integral component of our program is preparing our community for technological change and the associated skills to ensure safe and efficient usage. Software and programs are appropriate for each year level, and progress with the focus of skill and knowledge development. All Digital Technology  sessions focus on safe and secure habits, which reinforce and develop sound lifelong digital knowledge and skills.

The Life Skills program in our school is based on reinforcing and developing critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding and personal and social capabilities (general capabilities). It provides the students with the opportunity to question their learning, surroundings and circumstances. The program provides students with the skills to develop and explore their thinking and analysis strategies in a variety of situations. The program also supports the importance of tolerance, respect and understanding of individuals in our community.

“The children hold the future, The parents hold the trust; It is the teachers who hold the key to the passage of learning.”

Ms Kerrie Neophytou

Head of Fairview