Without a doubt, the first impression of Aitken College is shaped by our exceptional rural property which stretches for 18 hectares providing both a wonderfully peaceful and positive school environment.

 Set out like a small village, complete with plazas flanked by larger buildings, students walk down streets to individual classrooms that have the appearance of domestic houses, complete with pitched roofs and verandahs. Inside, each classroom has heating and air conditioning, carpet, computer facilities, bag storage and a teacher’s office, providing a comfortable and practical environment for learning and enjoyment. Specialist facilities at the complex include a library, science laboratories, art rooms, computer laboratories, technology facility, music centre, a gymnasium, mini farm and wetlands.

The latest technology is employed to access information, with the Library the nerve centre for this activity. As well as using a computerised library system to locate books, students have access to notes, assignments and other material provided by teachers, and on-line facilities such as World Book Encyclopedia, CD-ROMs and the Internet. These resources – which are provided to students in a secure environment and with strict guidelines – provide with the access to the information they need, as well as allowing them to employ the skills they will need in their future work and life.

In October of 2008 a new Chapel and Performing Arts auditorium was opened at the Aitken site. This beautiful theatre seats 520 people and caters for live theatrical performances and weekly chapel and assembly services. A pipe organ, which was built in 1906, was generously donated by Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School and holds pride of place in the auditorium.

Each student is given their own computer network password and web based email address, and must abide by the acceptable usage policy for IT facilities. The school has its own water supply and sewerage treatment, and leads by example the concept of sustainability.

An extensive revegetation program is in place and we are enjoying the positive changes in the landscape as this is extended throughout the property.