Primary School

Welcome to Cumberland, Aitken College’s Primary School for students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

The Primary School comprises of 2 classes at each year level and has a population of 240 students. The students are under the care of a Homeroom teacher who is the first contact person for all matters regarding the education and wellbeing of your child. At the ends of Year 2 students move from the Preparatory School to the Junior School. The College endeavours to ensure that there is open and effective communication between staff, students and parents and values the involvement of families in the College community. Within the Christian ethos of the College, students are expected to develop a spirit of co-operation, tolerance and responsibility. It is expected that all parents endorse and support this

Emphasis is placed on consolidating and extending the skills learnt in the Preparatory School. Through providing challenging and engaging activities students work towards more independent learning in small or large groups on a variety of tasks in each of the Key Learning Areas. We acknowledge that children learn at their own pace and when planning for learning, staff consider different learning styles and teaching approaches. We strive to differentiate the curriculum and cater for the differing needs of young learners. We support the notion that ‘one size does not fit all’. Students bring to school many different life experiences. As educators, we aim to make connections with these experiences through using various resources and learning platforms.

Students in Cumberland (Years 3 – 6) have access to MyAitken as the College Learning Management System. Students in Years 3-5 are provided a College owned iPad to use at school only and Year 6 students Bring their own device.

It is important they all learn to manage their time appropriately and begin to balance school, extra-curricular, out of school activities and family life. It is hoped that all students want to perform at their best and using their time effectively and efficiently is a key element for continued growth and success.

The Junior School provides many opportunities for student leadership roles such as Peer Mediators, Performing Arts, Class, Environmental, Library, School and House Captains. Class and School captains form the Cumberland Council and meet on a regular basis.

A broad general curriculum is offered building on the foundation skills learnt in the Preparatory School. Programs are integrated as much as possible ie. a number of learning areas are brought together as an integrated unit to emphasise the links between learning areas and to keep learning meaningful. We endeavour to teach using an enquiry approach making sure our teachers deliver a student centred curriculum.

Literacy and numeracy skills are emphasised through significant and specific times allocated at all year levels. We have experienced Numeracy and Literacy coordinators on staff that support teaching and learning related to their area of expertise. Aitken College is committed to providing the best possible education for your son or daughter with the resources available.

The Learning areas are Literacy (English), Numeracy (Mathematics), Integrated Studies (encompassing Australian History, Aboriginal Studies, Science and Technology), Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Information Technology, Languages, Physical Education & Health and Religion & Values Education. Specialist teaching is provided in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Languages, Library, and Physical Education.

All classes are run on the basis of five one-hour blocks of time per day and Chapel and Assemblies are held weekly.

We encourage our students to work hard and reach their full potential. What they attempt today can be achieved tomorrow.

Leanne Schulz | Head of Primary School (Cumberland)