Secondary School

Welcome to Dunhelen, Aitken College’s Secondary School comprising Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9.

The Secondary School at Aitken College has 450 students. More than one third of the Year 7 intake is students from the previous year; with the remainder new to the College. The College has programs and procedures in place to cater for the transition from Primary into Secondary schooling. The Year 7 and 9 cohort consists of 5 homerooms per year level each with 150 students. With a view towards the rapidly approaching senior years, all of the staff who come in contact with the students work collectively to guide and support them as they improve their focus and concentration, re-order their priorities, and develop and sustain good study skills.

The emphasis during these critically important Middle Years is to ignite the passion for learning in all our students. We do this by providing a stimulating curriculum and a very strong pastoral focus.

The pastoral team includes the Head of School, three Assistant Heads of School and the team of fifteen home room teachers. Through engaging and challenging activities the students work independently and in small and large groups on a variety of tasks in each of the learning areas. The use of Information Communication and Technology allows the students to further enhance their learning and organisational skills.

It is important that they learn and continue to manage their time appropriately and are able to balance school, extra-curricular and out of school activities. Students are encouraged to achieve at their very best in all areas of their school life.

Our students are encouraged

• to improve academically,

• to pursue a range of sporting and creative pursuits,

• to build strong, lasting relationships; and

• to develop spiritually.

The middle years of schooling are an important time for students. Students are beginning to develop independence and a sense of identity. Aitken College, as well as providing sound education, realises the importance of the social and emotional development of each individual. For this reason each year level in the Middle School is overseen by an Assistant Head of School who works closely with a year level.

This allows for a greater pastoral relationship. We believe that a successful, happy student is the product of a three way partnership between the child, the family and the school. We welcome family involvement. We encourage our students to reach their potential in all facets of the life of the College, to be considerate and supportive of others and to develop the skills to be active citizens beyond school.

Ms Merjam Mujkanovic | Deputy Head of Secondary (Middle School Culture)