Schools Tree Day and Brodies Creek Revegetation

Studies over the years have shown that spending time in nature, be it in remote wilderness or simply a forest closer to home, does wonders for our health. To this end, in the last couple of weeks, a number of students were involved in the Schools Tree Day and Brodies Creek Revegetation projects at the College. These events have allowed students to spend time out of the classroom, actively enhancing the quality of the environment along and surrounding the creek. Well over 900 plants and shrubs were planted, a great effort! It was great to see the students enjoy this unique experience, even if it meant getting a bit muddy! There were plenty of smiling faces and enthusiasm from everyone, affirming the idea that time spent in the environment creates positive vibes. It will be rewarding for the students to watch these plants grow in the years ahead. Thank you to everyone who organised and participated in these projects.

Cows Create Careers Program

Aitken College was involved in the Cows Create Careers program again this year. This is a national program that sees farmers offer three-week old calves to nearby schools for a temporary stay. Students get to experience what it is like to look after animals and gain a better understanding of the dairy industry through this unique opportunity. The Year 10 Agriculture students were responsible for feeding and caring for the calves while they lived at the school for three weeks during May. They had to follow a set feeding regime so the two calves, called “Jeffery” and “Leroy” by the students, were well nourished. They also had to weigh “Jeffery” and “Leroy” each day so we could track their growth and clean their pen and shelter every week. Several primary classes also took the opportunity to visit the calves and all the kids were very excited by the prospect of meeting the baby cows…as were the staff! Everyone was sad when the calves left but we are already looking forward to hosting two calves again next year!

Achievements & Recognition

Aitken has been recognised by the wider community for its accomplishments in areas of Sustainability and Environmental Education.


Resource Smart 5-Star Sustainable School Certification


Resource Smart School of the Year


Resource Smart Mentor School

Biodiversity School of the Year Finalist

Interactive Nature Walk – QR code blog site


Resource Smart Teacher of the Year Finalist

Ms Sarah Dennis

Victorian Schools Garden Awards

Regional Award Winner


Waste School of the Year Finalist


Resource Smart 5-Star Sustainable School



Resource Smart Teacher of the Year FINALIST

Mr Ben Lawless