The College would like to congratulate all of our VCE and VCAL students on their results for 2019

Celebrating our Students’ Achievements

The Alice Springs Education Declaration (2019) outlines National education goals for young Australians. “The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity (Goal 1). All young Australians become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners, active and informed members of the community (Goal 2).”
At Aitken College, we promote and support our students with the opportunity to strive to achieve their personal best. This focuses on their learning, citizenship, wellbeing, critical thinking and problem solving to be collaborate members of the fast moving 21st century. We promote a culture of personal excellence, by providing challenging learning experiences, which support personalised learning. The College prides itself on the commitment that all students are given the opportunity to develop a ‘toolkit’ of resources which they access today and in the future. We celebrate our students’ achievement as they strive and continue to grow and flourish.
We congratulate all students’ VCE and VCAL achievements. The College acknowledges the 123 students who successfully completed VCE and the 7 students their VCAL certificate.
We congratulate the 2019 College Dux, Deniz Cetinkaya. Deniz achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.65.
Deniz’s studied the following VCE subjects:
–   English Language
–   Chemistry
–   Specialist Maths
–   Maths Methods
–   Business Management
During Deniz’s time at the College he received School Academic Colours on four occasions, eighteen individual subject awards and was presented with College Academic Colours at the 2018 Presentation Night.
We also highlight the following students have granted permission to publish ATARs above 90:
–   Daniel Marmion 96.0
–   Ronan Miranda 94.6
–   Mikayla Barnes 93.6
The median ATAR was 63.9 with 37% of students achieving ATARs over 70. There were 30 study scores greater than 40, placing those students in the top 9% of the State in each subject. Studies where students achieved scores of 40 or greater were Biology, Business Management, Computing, English Language, English, Further Mathematics, Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Mathematical Methods, Media, Music Performance, Physical Education, Psychology and VET Sport and Recreation.
The achievement reflects the importance of providing students with opportunities to engage in areas of interest, identifying and meeting high expectations, supporting and identifying goals.
We wish all our graduates the best in their journey!