Vision, Mission, Aims & Values


Through all our work, we aim to:
> Make the Christian faith relevant through an understanding of its major teachings and by encouraging a personal faith journey
> Inspire and challenge students to realise their academic, social and emotional potential
> Promote and develop creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance and self-improvement
> Encourage individuals and the community to be respectful, take responsibility and to act accordingly
> Empower students to act with service, sustainably and in reconciliation.
> Cultivate an adaptive, innovative and continuously improving school


Aitken College will develop students’ self-esteem and confidence; expand their skills and intellect; and encourage them to become vital and compassionate members of the community.


    Our values guide behaviour that builds strong character and promotes the highest standards. Students, in particular, are empowered to embrace the values to achieve their personal best in all aspect of their lives, including learning, service , citizenship and wellbeing.


    Aitken College sees a future where young people are inspired to do their personal best in service to themselves and others, in association with the Uniting Church in Australia


    We display genuine concern and support those in need.


    We strive to achieve our personal best.


    We behave and act truthfully and in good faith when engaging with others.


    We are considerate of others and treat them with empathy and generosity.


    We accept and appreciate ourselves, others and our environment

    Our College Philosophy is published on the College website, annual report, constitution, handbook, strategic plan and in various locations around the College property.