About Aitken College

Aitken College is a co-educational, independent Uniting Church school catering for students of all faiths and religious denominations in the northwest region of Melbourne. Since opening in February, 1999, Aitken College has provided a safe, friendly and purposeful environment where students are able to value and enjoy learning.

Creativity is nurtured and academic endeavour is encouraged and acknowledged. A traditional curriculum is provided from Foundation to Year 12, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Students are encouraged to use their expanding knowledge as a basis for investigation, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Our exceptional 18.5 hectare site offers immense potential for a diverse and imaginative curriculum including physical activity and the integration of outdoor activities and practical work in classroom subjects.

As well as fostering a love of learning, we aim to provide students with skills for living. Academic achievement is supported and rewarded across all of the subject disciplines, and students are encouraged to deal constructively with strengths and weaknesses in achieving their maximum potential.

Our program helps each student to develop self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Ample opportunity is given to develop leadership skills, within the school and through involvement in community activities, and we encourage consideration for the needs of others and a respect for the environment at both a local and global level.

Above all, we aim to provide a safe learning environment for every child. The values we commend to our students arise from the Gospel and the traditions of the Christian Church – values like tolerance, kindness, respect for oneself and others, a reverence for life and the development of personal honesty, integrity and self-discipline.